What is Glamping?

If you love camping and you love the idea of spending a few nights under the stars, then you’re not alone. If you fancy something a little more substantial than a two-man tent, or you are craving something more comfortable, something that feels like more of a treat then you might well be about to join the glamping revolution. Raad on to see if glamping is exactly what you’ve been looking for in your next holiday.

What does glamping mean?

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘glamping’ basically, it means glamorous camping. This, in turn, means, enjoying all the benefits of a holiday in the great outdoors - fresh air, beautiful scenery, spending time in nature - with all the benefits of the great indoors - heating, lighting, a fridge for wine. 

Glamping is not a new concept - it has been growing in popularity over the last decade and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Campsites across the UK have used their creativity and imaginations to cater to the nation’s glampers - offering up a vast array of glamping experiences. As the saying goes ‘there’s something for everyone’ which might sound like a cliche, but when it comes to glamping - it really does ring true. No matter what your idea of glamping is, it won’t take long to find the perfect trip for you. 

Different types of glamping accommodation

One question often asked is: ‘what is the difference between a  glamping pod and other glamping accommodation?’ There’s a huge array of options when it comes to accommodation on glamping holidays. And with every style and type of accommodation, there’s a different name, a different structure and a whole string of different facilities and add-ons available to add into the mix!

As you already know, there are as many different types of glamping pod structures as there are names for them. Glamping pods, camping pods, glamping cabins, huts, wigwams, teepees, domes, eco-pods - and so much more. For easy reading - we’ll call the whole lot ‘glamping pods’ unless we’re talking about a specific type, like ‘yurt’. 

What is a glamping pod? 

With such a rich variety of accommodation on offer, if you’re confused about what a glamping pod is - it’s no wonder! 

Whilst all glamping pods differ in type, size, shape, features and the facilities on offer, there is one basic premise that they have in common. Simply put, a glamping pod is a warm, strong and weatherproofed alternative to a tent.

What to expect from glamping accommodation

It’s rare to find two glamping sites the same. Site owners offer a huge choice in facilities and amenities so it’s always worth doing some research at the start. Gathering ideas for your own glamping break is a really fun activity and it makes your search easier when it is time to book. 

Most glamping pods have the basics in terms of sleeping options. Raised platforms with mattresses is essential and perhaps a kettle and toaster. This can grow to dining tables, fitted kitchens, en-suite bathroom options and indulgent treats like fairy lights, lanterns, champagne & chocolate packs.

The important thing is that the glamping pod is warm and dry. Whatever else you want to be included in your accommodation is down to you and your glamping dreams! 

Glamping sites

Glamping sites vary in accommodation options and facilities available. Some site owners prefer to leave the glamping atmosphere to you - the glamper. Basic, shared washing and toilet facilities and minimum equipment in each glamping pod give you loads of freedom to create your own glamping break. You can cosy up your pod exactly the way you like it - with your own bunting, warm, fluffy blankets and fairy lights. 

Other site owners immerse you in a heavenly cloud of hygge. They create their own glamping heaven and you can indulge your senses in their glamping dreams made reality. Facilities can include hot tubs, en-suite bathrooms, mood lighting, hampers full of delicious, local produce, cooked breakfasts delivered to your door, private dining experiences - the options are endless. 

As you can see, while glamping pods do share some similar features, there’s a lot more that makes them different than the same. It’s always a good idea to work out what you really want to get out of your glamping pod experience before you start looking for the ideal glamping site. For example, if you are just starting out and don’t have much in the way of camping kits - such as crockery and sleeping bags, you’ll want to book a glamping pod that has these things as standard. There are lots of other things that really make a glamping trip stand out so read on to find out what they might be. 

Why go glamping? 

Glamping is the perfect option for people who love being in nature and experiencing the joys of the great outdoors. It’s also the perfect option for people who love little luxuries - like electric heating and comfortable beds. 

Glamping sites are usually on lovely, natural sites in beautiful, rural locations. Most sites are located in a place of interest - near a beach, or ancient woodland or offer a unique, countryside experience while being close to tourist attractions or larger towns and cities. Glamping is a wonderful way to make the most of the surroundings while enjoying a comfortable, or even indulgent time away.

Who can go glamping? 

Glamping is an activity for everyone to enjoy. Find a glamping site with the right facilities and accommodation type and you might even be able to convince your camping-hating best friend / partner / child / parent to join you on your glamping break! 

As glamping continues to grow in popularity, more glamping site owners are looking to fill the ‘gap’ in what they can offer to people. This means that there are sites and glamping pods that suit people of all ages and physical abilities. 

If you, or someone you’re glamping with uses a wheelchair or has other mobiltiy or accessibility requirements, you’ll definitely find a suitable glamping site to suit those needs. The same goes if you’re on a tight budget, or if you’re glamping with very young children and babies - you’ll find something perfect for all ages and budgets. .

Glamping really has levelled the playing field when it comes to accessing holidays in the great outdoors. It really is for everyone. 

How to prepare for a glamping holiday 

Anyone who has packed the car for a camping trip or has spent a sleepless, windy night in a tent will be able to tell you that you have to prepare for every possible outcome. 

Not so with a glamping trip. If you have researched your site and accommodation before booking up you’ll know exactly what you need to pack. Some glamping sites have cooking equipment in the accommodation. Others have a communal cooking and dining facility.

Some might provide towels and bedding and for others you may have to bring your own. For a quick guide to packing for a camping holiday - check out our handy guide here (LINK TO THE CAMPING PAGE PREPARING FOR A CAMPING TRIP GRAPHIC), leaving out the parts that are already covered in the glamping pod. 

Glamping inspiration 

Glamping truly is a wonderful experience for nature lovers. It’s a reassuring, comfortable and safe way to enjoy all the benefits of being in the great outdoors, without the hassle of packing everything you could possibly need or the stress of pitching a tent. 

When you think of glamping, you think of indulgent, luxurious accommodation and glamping site owners can go to great lengths to make your glamping break as indulgent and decadent as possible. There’s a huge choice of sites and different accommodation types and researching for the best glamping options for you and your glamping companions can be really fun. 

But nothing is more fun than getting out there and experiencing it for yourselves.