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Camping & Glamping in Lancashire with Cosy Outdoors

Lancashire’s industrial past is still visible throughout its landscape, meaning that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a scene in a 19th-century novel as you visit. The brooding moors, small textile towns and Victorian architecture have offered heaps of inspiration to countless novelists over the decades, including Elizabeth Gaskell, George Orwell and J.R.R. Tolkien, to name just a few.

You too can experience what they once did on a camping or glamping holiday in this inspiring area. Hike in the forests, go birdwatching, discover England’s industrial history or simply spend some quality time relaxing in the great outdoors. Whatever you’re into, a Lancashire staycation is sure to please.

Take in the outstanding natural beauty of the Forest of Bowland

Perfect for hikers and bikers alike, the Forest of Bowland is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, meaning it’s quite the sight to behold. With its heathered moorland and the traditional charm of its towns and villages, the Forest of Bowland is a must-visit while holidaying in Lancashire. 

Apart from its 14 hiking trails, the area is also great for biking, fishing and horseback riding. The rare birds living in the area are sure to please amateur ornithologists, while lovers of architecture and history will enjoy taking in the area’s buildings, dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. 

Feel the charm of little textile towns around Rossendale Valley

Travelling through Rossendale Valley’s small towns feels like stepping back in time to the industrial revolution. Towns like Nelson, Bacup and Blackburn once produced tonnes of premium paper and cotton fabrics, and the signs of this legacy are still visible throughout the area.

Explore this fascinating past by walking around the small town centres and by visiting the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum where, among other things, you can see the original Spinning Jenny. For a bit more adrenaline, the area’s hills and quarries are perfect for some mountain biking or simply enjoying a lovely walk.

Explore beautiful Victorian Lancaster

The city of Lancaster is a fabulous destination for a bit of a day trip on your camping or glamping holiday. The town centre, famous for its Victorian architecture, is very walkable. Take a stroll through the leafy Williamson Park and pay a visit the Ashton memorial, a masterpiece of Edwardian architecture. 

Make sure to visit Lancaster Castle, Lancaster Cathedral, or both, before dinner in one of the traditional pubs or restaurants in the town. The region’s staple dishes include black pudding, tripe and different pies.

Discover the great outdoors the Cosy way

Whether you’re travelling solo or with your partner, family or friends, having cosy holiday accommodation to return to after a day of exploring the area is a must. Booking a camping or glamping holiday with Cosy Outdoors gives you the best of both worlds: easy access to nearby towns and cities like Lancaster while also making sure the great outdoors are at your doorstep. With campfires and hot tubs, holidays in nature don’t get much better than with Cosy Outdoors.